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Lowfat French Vanilla
Lowfat Milk Chocolate
Lowfat Red Velvet Cake
Lowfat Cake Batter Up!
Nonfat Original Tart
Dairy Free Very Berry Sorbet
Lowfat Strawberry Shortcake
Sweet 8 Chocolate Chip Mint

Hours: Everyday 12pm - 10pm
Phone: 541.306.6993
937 NW Newport Ave Suite 110 (Two blocks east of Newport Market)


Nonfat Alpine Vanilla
Nonfat Cable Car Chocolate
Nonfat Cookies N Cream
Lowfat Red Velvet Cake
Sweet 8 Dulce de Leche 
Nonfat Strawberry Shortcake
Dairy Free Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet
Nonfat Original Tart

Hours: Everyday 12pm- 10pm

Phone: 541.706.9352
547 NE Bellevue Drive Suite 109 (Corner of Hwy 20 and 27th)


Nonfat Cable Car Chocolate
Nonfat Luck O' the Irish Mint
Lowfat Cake Batter Up!
Lowfat French Vanilla
Lowfat Heath Toffee
Nonfat Bachelor Blackberry
Dairy Free Green Apple Sorbet
Sweet 8 Dulce De Leche

Hours: Everyday 12pm- 8pm*
*Please note that our hours may change due to unforseen circumstances (i.e. weather).  We recommend calling to verify hours. 

Phone : 541.719.0572.
281 W Cascade Ave (Across from Depot Deli)