Do you have any dairy free options?

We do! Look for sorbet options if you can't tolerate any dairy. Other options include the Almond Milk flavors and others from Nancy's Low Carb - they are low lactose which some people with sensitivities can tolerate.

I have food allergies, how do I know what's safe to eat?


Our flavor tags are above the machines and always list allergen information - including milk, eggs and wheat. Other concerns? Please ask!

Where can I get a full list of ingredients?

We keep a full list of ingredients on each of our flavors at the register, please ask one of our awesome team members if you are interested.  However, most of our yogurt is sourced from Dannon Yo Cream, so please follow this link for a full ingredient and/or allergen list: 


Who do I talk to about fundraising requests?

Please email cuppayo@gmail.com - if we are able to accommodate your request we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Do you have Gift Cards?


Sure do! While we have e-gift cards available (print at home or send electronically), plastic gift cards are also for purchase in store.

Are you a Franchise?

Yes, we are now offering Cuppa Yo as a franchise opportunity as of February 2022, if you are interested in checking out more details please go to www.cuppayofranchising.com